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The World We Left To Rot


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APACHE EP The WOrld We Left To Rot


released June 22, 2016

All songs from Apache
Produced By 13 guillotines
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Homeless Records



all rights reserved


Apache Marseille, France

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Track Name: Still Don't Love The Police
There's no natural matter in the fact to obey to a so-called-master weak as fuck
You ain't got nothing but the gun you carry
You ain't nothing more than a public enemy
You shot and you'll shoot
As long as you ain't gonna lose
'Justice is shit and 'society sucks
You shot and you'll shoot
As long as you'll set your rules
I'll ever respect the man/woman i'm talking to but you cop should NOT expect me to be scared from you
I can't bear warped people like you, telling people to respect laws you ain't able to
Prima facie by a system manipulating you
Some skin colors don't deserve to live free from fear
Some ethnical groups don't deserve to once dry their tears
'Cause there ain't no rules you respect more than those that hurt
Seeing your uniform makes me want to run away
The power you've been given to is rotting you PIECE BY PIECE
Track Name: The World We Left To Rot
They shoot ! They shoot !
On anything still able to move
They kill ! They kill !
Anyone who dares to think
Beahead ! Behead !
The innocent, the heretic
The shade has become so tiny that their god looked away
We will never follow your backward moral law
God heads your thoughts not to see
The world we left to rot
Human kind is so fucking weak
Got no brain, needs a book* to think
From craddle to shroud, compel or hunt down
Their truth
Not ours
No god
No master
Track Name: Take Control
Trapped under ice frozen by cold hearted lords of finance
Convicted to a miserable life though they have ways to get out
Ruined by decades dictatorship and nation's hypocrisy
Subjugated to north countries, gripped by loan and interest rate
It has to change
International Money Fund makes sure no one breaks bounds,
Gets its knees off from the ground and after all
Take control
We have to take control
Say NO to monetary fund
Say YES to development
Say YES to a better future
Track Name: Woman's Worth
I won’t spare your stupidity because of the resonant silence of your brain
I study hard to be more than just pretty
Now the only thing i’ve got for you is this fucking pity
She refuses to be your thing
You say wife but you really want is a slave, a toy, a stuff, a furniture
This is your woman conception
Can you hear it? She refuses
Can you feel it? She is free
Understand a custom can’t enslave as your wife can't be your prisoner
Never forget that we are golden souls
Don’t expect us to play an old fashioned woman role
Because if you get stuck in your prejudices
You will lead this world to ashes
I refuse
Track Name: Unchained
As long as we’ll be be alive...
We’ll remain unchained
No mind to to think, no eyes to cry
Hands tight, knees on the ground
Your heart better stop to beat
Rigged as anyone else
You shut your eyes and turned your back
You forgot your roots and own values
Providing your person for an insane use
Chained up
Neither your faith nor the power you’ve been assigned
Deserve to overwhelm that way humankind
Threatening old men and women in the whole town
Hanging, shooting anyone that ain’t acting « fine »
Sometimes i wonder why
You do what you’re told
Instead of caring the others
And doing something good
Ain’t their decisions hard to abide?
Killing in the name of someone you don’t know
Cruising under a banner that ain’t yours
I say NO
Fearing everybody with no distinction
Ain’t the point of that all total destruction?
Don’t you see? don’t you feel?
The blood, the flesh, the lives you've snatched
Did you ever count? but do you even care?
The reason why, the point of this all, is nothing more but the pain
You gotta face but refuse to endure, easier done than said
You’d rather live through others, dare and carry what they’d never
Because you’re more useful dead
We’ll remain UNCHAINED